The Art of A Collection

Martha Stewart and even The Nester have broadened my horizons to more modern-looking collections, but in my own home I'm sadly lacking. What collections are you hoarding or displaying?

Each time I came down the stairs from my childhood bedroom, the first thing I saw was a wall full of horse blanket pins. Dozens of antique blanket pins tacked on the wall, their shadows creating double patterns throughout the day. My mom would drag me through antique stores with a sharp eye for one of her collected things: Blanket pins, old trunks, Hoosier cabinets, crockery, hand tools, milk cans. Since then, Martha Stewart and even The Nester have broadened my horizons to more modern-looking collections, but in my own home I'm sadly lacking.


Indeed, this is the most adorable collection of whimsical salt and pepper shakers. They were my great grandmother's. I don't know how she displayed them, but I usually have them shelved in my china cabinet. No one looks in a china cabinet! I've used them as place card holders for Thanksgiving, as an excuse to pull them out of hiding.


There's a decent postcard collection scattered in my drawers, and I'd love to display them somehow. I also have some vintage scrapbooks of my great-grandmother's, where she would sit at night and cut out poems and pictures from magazines. There are also two boxes of vintage linens and crochet work. What to do with those?


My mom has this memory jug that her grandmother (my grand) covered in clay and trinkets, though we don't know if they were her own items or in memory of another family member. The doll head popping out of the top kind of freaks me out but I like the corn cob pipe.


My mom also collects Western items, and this wall houses a display including our friend Morris McCarty on the cover of Western Horseman magazine, and a cowboy hat that he wore on a covered wagon expedition.


Perhaps I can begin my New Year's Resolution list now: Create Collection Displays. I'll begin with postcards and linens, and then move onto wine bottles and corks (we've been saving them for years, waiting for inspiration to strike), rocks from vacations, my dad's '70's record collection, and perhaps even the classic American collection of PEZ dispensers.

What kinds of collections are you hoarding or displaying?

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