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Thankful Year in Pictures

There's so much to be thankful for. Jog your memory, scroll through those phones and memory cards, take a peek.

I was scrolling through my phone and thinking about the last year. There's so much to be thankful for. Jog your memory, scroll through those phones and memory cards, take a peek.

Things I'm Thankful for This Year:

Friends who happen to be coworkers.

An office that doesn't feel so much like an office.

This guy. We celebrated 10 years of marriage and 21 of being friends this year. This is a picture of us happy and very hot at a 103 degree outdoor concert.

And all three of my boys together.

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Babies! Our family welcomed a new nephew and a new niece this year. Aw!

Apple picking. Later, apple pie and apple butter.

Visiting Poppi and Grammy in Wyoming.
I found my doppelganger! Thankfully we don't mind when people call us by the wrong name or walk up and hug the wrong person.

Super hero laundry is the best kind of laundry.

My older boy learned how to read and write. His drawing skills are spot on, too.

Beautiful things. This is a Louis Vuitton display in NYC last August. I was happy enough to look and not go inside.

Books; Sunsets; My mom; A grown-up car with a sunroof; Redecorating our living room; Potty training is finished and so are diapers in our house; Church; The smell of field dirt while driving on a country road at night in the summertime; watching Breaking Bad with my husband; Peppermint ice cream; A good dental cleaning; My naturalpathic doctor; Clementine oranges; My lumpy pillow; The two times my kids both slept until 9:00am.


So it’s not all gourmet cooking around here on the big day.


Let me say, right off the bat, that I love Christmas. But the fact that November 1st has become the new start of the Christmas season bugs me. A lot.

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