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TGIF – Friday Night of Champions

TGIF – Friday Night of Champions
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I don’t actually leave my house on Friday nights these days, but on the occasional and let me emphasize RARE moment when I get that little lick of freedom, I’ve noticed something.

Junior high schoolers…I believe they are called, “tweens” and they are everywhere.  What are they doing?  They appear to be just hanging out.  I’m going to make myself sound super uptight by stating that I personally believe just hanging out on a corner when you are thirteen does NOT lead to good ideas.  What may you ask was I doing when I was thirteen on a Friday night?  Not hanging out.

That’s right.  I was kicking it in my jammies watching [TGIF]( "TGIF"). Think back people.  If you are between the ages of 27 and 33, I know you remember the good, good old days of that fabulous, family friendly line-up on ABC.  First a little Full House, followed up by Family Matters and a few laughing snorts by Steve Urkel, The Dance of Joy performed on [Perfect Strangers]( "Perfect Strangers"), soon to be replaced with Suzanne Somers on Step by Step and for those truly wild late night viewers at 9:30pm, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.  Cooper happens to be one of my favorite names.  Coincidence?

Hanging in your pajamas on Friday night watching the Olsen twins may not have been the coolest thing.  But I stayed out of trouble, and that is what the majority of my friends were doing.  Those days of TGIF are gone, and I can only hope, hope, hope that ABC will bring back something in eleven years to entice my then thirteen year old to want to stay home and kick it in her pajamas.

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Let’s take it back old school and do a few fun facts on some of my favorite TGIF people…I know you have been dying to know these little tidbits.

Dave Coulier –  Do you remember Joey Gladstone from Full House?  How about Alanis Morissette?  Dave and Alanis dated, resulting in him being the ex-boyfriend in her hit “You Oughta Know.”

Bronson Pinchot – Once Balki Bartokomous on Perfect Strangers, Bronson Pinchot now spends a lot of time in Pennsylvania purchasing and restoring historic properties.

Jaleel White – Ahhh, Urkel.  At the height of Steve Urkel mania on Family Matters, there was actually a breakfast cereal created called, “Urkel-Os”…a strawberry and banana flavored cereal just in case you missed this taste sensation.

Who was your favorite TGIF character?  Is there a show keeping your 13 year old pajama clad?


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