Teaching Children Fire Safety


A few weeks ago I went on a preschool field trip to the fire station. We got a tour of where the firefighters sleep when they're at the station (fascinating), heard the alarm sound (much quieter than I would have imagined), and checked out the ambulance (she seemed unimpressed). When it was time to check out the fire engine, a call came in and the firemen had to go. Since those guys are ALL about the quick change, one of them dropped his drawers and put on his fire pants in front of twenty moms and preschoolers. It was for sure my favorite part, and judging from some of the other mom's expressions, it was their favorite part too.

One of the things that a fireman told me was how great it was to bring your kids on these tours, because a lot of kids are afraid of firemen when they are all dressed up in full gear. He said that a lot of children will be so afraid when a firefighter breaks into the house in protective clothing with a face mask that they will actually run and hide from them instead of letting them help them out. It's something that hadn't occurred to me, but I can certainly see it being true. How terrifying is that?

Click here for an article on teaching fire safety to young children. Go on a field trip to your local fire station or go check out an open house. You may just find out what some of the fireman have on underneath those fire pants!


Keep 'em safe...

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