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Taking Time Out For Me

What’s a mother to do when you’re kids are screaming and crying, your husband is at work, you’re trying to cook breakfast, and you have yet to change out of your pj’s and comb your hair? Run away and wait for the storm to pass?
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Guest Post from Christine Borja:

What’s a mother to do when you’re kids are screaming and crying, your husband is at work, you’re trying to cook breakfast, and you have yet to change out of your pj’s and comb your hair? Run away and wait for the storm to pass? Well, not exactly, although that would be my first choice if it was a perfect world. What exactly is a mother to do in this situation and still stay sane? I have yet to find the perfect solution, but I certainly do my best to stop the screaming and crying, try not to burn the toast and overcook the eggs, and eventually change into something decent that wouldn’t make perfect strangers cringe as I’m walking through a Target. Ah, the life of a mother to two rambunctious boys who try so hard to suck the energy out of me. In all seriousness, I adore my boys. They are the most precious things to me in this world. I am one proud mama.

Not only am I a mother, but a wife, a daughter, an Accountant, a friend, and more recently, a writer. Talk about being busy! Life has a funny way of stressing you out and we even have a funnier way of sometimes trying to run away from all the things that don’t have a place in our almost perfect world. I’ve run into a few stresses recently. As I enter my second trimester of my third pregnancy, I am definitely feeling the aches and pains that come along with it. Not only that, I’m beginning to feel like I need a serious attitude adjustment. I think my husband is starting to feel the same way. Those darn pregnancy hormones. They are just so cruel. Just over the weekend, I was the unfortunate victim of yet another accident. Saturday afternoon, while sitting at a red light in Seattle, a gentleman (I will refrain from calling him anything else at the moment for fear of receiving negative feedback), decided to rear-end my vehicle. Luckily the impact wasn’t too hard, but I still feared that my two sons, who were with me at the time, were afraid or in complete shock of what just happened. There are many elements in dealing with an accident that boils down to it just being a hassle. I broke down Tuesday morning on the way to work due to my frustration level with the events of the accident reaching its boiling point. Do you ever ask yourself, “Why me?” That’s exactly where my head was at and still is, but I’ve come to realize it’s a part of life, even if it’s one thing we could do without. Along dealing with pregnancy hormones, car accidents, and children driving you to the edge of insanity, I also stress about how to decrease my stress. Ain’t that something? Have I figured it all out? Let’s say, I’ve learned to chill out a bit more.

Whenever I find myself in the state where I might blow up or I’ve already had a break dawn, I try to remove myself from the situation and take a breather. If this means walking away from my children, going into the bedroom, and closing the door for a minute or two, then that’s what I’ll do. When I have finally calmed down, that’s when I re-enter the previous event and take it from there. If I’m dealing with a stressful day at work, I try to leave my desk for a bit and take a walk to the coffee shop. Or I stop and chat with a co-worker if she doesn’t happen to be busy at that moment. Leaving my desk helps me clear my mind a bit and get back to what I was doing and hopefully decrease the stress level at the same time. I have also found that listening to my iPod either at work or even just at home, helps me relax and make it through the day. Being able to listen to the sounds of Keri Hilson or Brian McKnight definitely helps me keep a positive attitude and keeps me dancing! While my boys nap, I try and crack open a good book or quietly watch my favorite program on TV. If I’m just too tired, I’ll snuggle with them and enjoy some extra zzz’s for myself.

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With life as busy as it is, I don’t have as much time as I used to to pamper myself. Whenever I get the chance, which is usually around 10:00 at night, I give myself a manicure and a pedicure. I’ll sit myself down in front of the TV and spend some time making myself beautiful. I know in the end, I’ll be happy and my fingers and toes will be happy as well.

Life is stressful and we shouldn’t make things worse by not taking a moment to pause and take a breather. If your boss is breathing down your neck , don’t be afraid to say, “Yes, I know I have a deadline. But, I’ll get right back to it after I finish my Cookies-n-Cream Mocha.”


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