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T-Mobile Customer? There's Free Stuff Coming YOUR Way

It's the one year #Thanksiversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays and that's good news for YOU! 

T Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app that thanks T-Mobile customers with free stuff and a chance to win epic prizes. Every week, T-Mobile customers #GetThanked by the Un-carrier with gifts from their favorite brands like StubHub, Baskin-Robbins, Shell, Lyft, and Redbox!

Here's what's in store this month:

June 6th 2017

  • Have the app? Prizes being given away range from trucker hats, to movie tickets, to discounts on gas from Shell, and all kinds of ice cream! Be sure to download the app to get these hook ups!
  • On Twitter? Starting at 9:00 a.m. @TMobile will be doling out an epic prize EVERY HOUR in their 12-hour thankathon {including $2000 to spend with StubHub}! Just follow @TMobile on Twitter for details on how to enter!
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All Month Long

  • One one Tuesday in the next four weeks in June, EVERY customer will get a $4 coupon from Baskin-Robbins. It's hot outside! Ice cream for everyone!

Your odds of wining? Pretty fantastic. Over the last year T-Mobile customers have snapped up more than 40 million free gifts! 

  • Binged over 24.5 million hours or nearly 3,000 YEARS of movies
  • Slurped down more than 1 million free Frostys from Wendy’s—enough to fill 350 family size hot tubs
  • Eaten more than 2 million free pizzas—enough to stretch from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone National Park
  • Taken enough free Lyft rides to make nearly 4,300 coast to coast trips across the US
  • Pumped millions of gallons of free gas from the Fuel Rewards® Program and Shell —enough to drive to Mars and back


T-Mobile Tuesdays: Free Stuff For Everyone!

This post was sponsored by T-Mobile, we fully endorse FREE ICE CREAM!


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T-Mobile Customer? There’s Free Stuff Coming YOUR Way

It’s the one year #Thanksiversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays and that’s good news for YOU!

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