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Swink Style Bar January Keratine Express Offer

Hey ladies, are you hiding your frizzy hair under hats and scarves?
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Let it hang free with a special offer from Swink Style Bar located in University Village and downtown Seattle. Their super popular Keratin Express treatment is normally $100 but during the month of January, this amazing treatment is only $85!

What can you expect with the Swink Keratin Express? It makes unruly hair more manageable and easier to style and adds brilliant shine to dull hair. Curly/frizzy hair will be incredibly smooth! Blow-dry time will be cut significantly. Straightening is a breeze with a blow dryer & brush or flat iron. Consecutive treatments will have an increasing smoothing and conditioning effect. This is an entirely formaldehyde free product.

They also have a standing offer – $10 off blowouts and drystyles every Tuesday!

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Call now to book an appointmment and have fabulous, easy to care for hair this winter! Check out their FAQ or call with questions!

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