Sweet & Sassy

Our daughter was born on Cinco-de-Mayo, so every year we have a themed party.
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Last year, we had friends meet us for lunch at El Chico followed by hitting a piñata at our home with the kiddos scrambling for candy.  To mix things up for our soon-to-be eight year old daughter’s birthday, we surprised her with a Sweet & Sassy trip located in Southlake’s Town Square. It was a hit and it didn’t hurt our pocketbook too much either.

Just to preface, we felt compelled to get a mani/pedi for her two year old sister to tone down the sibling rivalry and jealousy. However, the cost was well worth the headache and tears.

Enjoying Her First Mani

Our older daughter received a mani/ pedi, make-up application, and princess up do. She was pampered like a true princess. For the girls’ finale, they strutted up and down Sweet & Sassy’s catwalk like real fashion models. They had a blast!

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On our walk back to the parking lot, our oldest posed near their pink limo (girl power!).

To book services at your local Sweet & Sassy, click here.

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Olivia, the Owl

In less than two hours, we’ll be watching our seven year old daughter perform in her first school play.