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Swamp Sensory Tub

This weekend I had my Busy Bag Party! If you don't know what a Busy Bag is, click here. It was awesome. Everyone left with a bag full of fun craft projects/games to play with their preschool aged kid, and my non-napping pre-school aged kid played with her new busy bags all afternoon. I was VERY impressed with my friends, they brought the creative heat.

I could write on and on about all of their crafty ideas, but in the interest of that toddler that's going to start trying to tap on your keyboard any minute, let me tell you about the project we're going to tackle in the morning.

One crazy crafty busy bagger brought "swamp dwellers", a box of lime green jello and instructions on how to make a Swamp Sensory Tub from No Time for Flashcards. Best idea ever. So tomorrow morning, that fun little water table we have is turning into swamp grounds, creepy crawly critters and all. We're very excited, and my daughter's words to me this afternoon were, "I love slime!" Perfect. Make your hot day cruise on by, and build a swamp!

Swamp Sensory Tub from No Time for Flashcards

Swamp Sensory Tub from No Time for Flashcards

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