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Summer Writing Camp For Children And Teens In Salt Lake City

Summer Writing Camp For Children And Teens In Salt Lake City

There are three sessions available:

  • *Lower Grade Session–*2nd through 4th grades–9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • *Upper Grade Session–*5th through 7th grades–1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • *Teen Edition–*8th through 10th grades–9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Each summer, Write On! features:

  • Guest Author Visits. Through the years, authors such as Brandon Mull, Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, Scott Savage, Ann Cannon and Jennifer Nielsen have all joined us for author talks and book signings. Each seem to make the same comment: “This is the camp I wish I could have come to when I was a kid.”
  • Writing Clubs. After “homeroom” instruction time, writers move to various writing clubs of their choice. This gives writers a chance to explore different writing genres of interest, work one on one with a writing coach, or hone a writing skill they would like to improve.
  • Camp Magazine. We write for many reasons. At Write On!, one of these reasons is publication. At the end of the week, writing coaches help writers select their favorite piece of writing from their notebook for our camp magazine. It is writing with a purpose.
  • Goal Setting.  Where do you want to be published? What kind of writing would you like to do? What are the daily habits authors use to move in those directions? At Write On! writers both celebrate and plan ahead for more writing.
  • Teen Edition. Last year we had author Becca Wilhite guest teaching our all day Teen Edition session. This year we have author and Salt Lake Community College creative writing professor Benjamin Solomon at the helm. We are so excited to have this new avenue to our writing program that allows our older writers to continue their summer writing journey.
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When my friend Emily and I started this camp back in 2007, we set out to create the summer writing camp we wished we could send our own children to. Since then, we’ve been privileged to have seven summers of awesome writing experiences with hundreds of young writers. Many of these writers are not so young anymore. They started coming to Write On! in elementary school and now are attending our full day Teen Edition course or are working with Write On! as writing coaches. We find this loyalty to be the greatest testimonial to our program–our campers keep coming back.  And they come back quickly. We often find our camp filled by April with a wait list.  (I have to save a spot ahead of time for my niece and nephew or there isn’t room!)

Why is this? How can a summer writing camp be that popular?

The answer is simple. Children want to write.

They don’t want to be tested on it. They don’t want to be graded on it. But they do want to write. They have things to say and appreciate a place to say it.

At Write On! writing is not a chore, but a joyful celebration that fills an important place in many children’s lives. And, for many years, in mine.

I’m looking forward to my favorite week of the year.

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