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Summer Snaps: Day 21

Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the Farmer’s Market?

Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the Farmer’s Market? Stephanie captured this summer snap of her son, Logan, picking out a new veggie to try. That little purple plant became a delicious batch of Eggplant Parmesan. Yum!



Editor’s Note: Every day during the month of August we’re featuring a “Summer Snap” - a photograph that captures the essence and awesome of summertime. Why? Well, because summer isn’t over yet and while we’re all for getting back to school and sharpening pencils, we want to savor the moment. If you have a photo you’d like to share, email me at



Summer Snaps: Day 29

The Downtown Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake City, Utah runs mid-June to mid-October and I miss it all winter and look forward to it all spring...


Summer Snaps: Day 24

Farm stands, markets and backyard gardens are bursting with delicious produce. Today, a summer snap that reminds us all to head out and grab an armload of corn for the kiddos.


Summer Snaps: Day 26

Would you believe it? I’ve gone almost the whole summer without a shaved ice treat! Good thing Becky shared this summer snap, otherwise I might have left that one off my summer bucket list.


Summer Snaps: Day 25

Summer had side effects, people. Oh sure, a trampoline looks like fun, but a romp can send that baby-fine hair sky high!