Summer Snaps: Day 16 - Today's Mama

Summer Snaps: Day 16

Today, a few photos from an expat mom living in India. The flowers! The RAIN!

Today’s summer snap comes from an expat mom living in India. Naomi shares a photo from the Mehrauli Flower Market...


As well as one that shows what monsoon season is really all about. No wonder she recommends carrying a purse with a zip-top. Yikes!



Editor’s Note: Every day during the month of August we’re featuring a “Summer Snap” - a photograph that captures the essence and awesome of summertime. Why? Well, because summer isn’t over yet and while we’re all for getting back to school and sharpening pencils, we want to savor the moment. If you have a photo you’d like to share, email me at



Summer Snaps: Day 8

Shelly shares a photo from a local farm her family visited where the owners had thoughtfully placed a sprinkler in the landing area of the zip line!


Summer Snaps: Day 28

Summer 2010 for the TodaysMama staff will always = evo ’10. Here’s my favorite photo from the Bush’s Beans Closing Party at Park City Mountain Resort.