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Summer Bucket List Checkup

Summer is on it's way out, school is running us down fast; it's time to check in on your summer bucket lists!
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lemonade stand

Summer is on it's way out, school is running us down fast; it's time to check in on your summer bucket lists!

I made a monster summer bucket list in May, probably because I over commit to everything, summer included.

Our highlights so far:

#9 Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand where we blew all the profits.

#1 Get a Big Girl Car 

Done! A 7 passenger car that will finally fit us all.

#14 Ice Cream Cones and Hot Dogs for Dinner

More times than I should probably admit...

#18 Overnight Camping With Grandpa

The kids had a blast and so did I (safely in my own bed.)

#22 Spy a Snake

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I was thankfully not a witness

#40, 41, 42, 43 Practice Writing Our Names,Win the Library Contests by Reaching Reading Goals, Pretend to be More Serious About our Notebooks, Make Fun Math Drills

Uh, nope.

#44 Teach Kids to Do and Put Away Dishes

Yes! They're not perfect at it, but it's starting to help!

#55 Eat a Little Dirt (Accidentally)

Turns out baby is super talented at this item.

Looking over the list, we're about 37% on our bucket list. Time to get cracking, we only have 3 weeks to pack it all in!

How about you, did you get in all the summer you wanted to into your kids?

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