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Style: Crazy for Caftans

I plan on living in caftans this summer.
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You heard me.

The days of caftans being the wardrobe of sassy grandmothers and ancient aunts swathed in ginormous polyester balloons is over. Caftans are the perfect combination of drapey elegance, pops of color, and great coverage. What’s more, caftans are everywhere in fashion. It’s a totally 70s moment. I counted no fewer than a dozen from just as many designers on the floor at Nordstrom last week.

To wear a caftan think bold jewelry, like a long metallic necklace, huge hoops, or wooden bangles. While you can definitely pair a caftan with a wedge (adorable) I like to wear them with chic flats, like gold or silver sandals. Don’t wear a caftan with ballet slippers or ginormous heels.

If you want to be the first on the block to sport a caftan, I found some fantastic options.

Take, for example, this Tory Burch caftan. Gorgeous! It’s also a little out of my price range for casual summer clothes at $350. Maybe in another lifetime.

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But if you want to talk about out of the question budget-wise, you can’t do more damage caftan-wise than with this little Roberto Cavalli green caftan. Just a hair over $1,700 at your friendly neighborhood Bergdorf Goodman. Don’t kid yourself, if I had the cash….

Can’t commit to a full length caftan? How about Rachel Pally’s mini caftan in a great red and blue print?

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Available from Piperlime, on sale, for $149.

A totally budget friendly $49 for this happy number from Alloy.

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This Carly maxi from Alloy can still give you the look of a caftan without the hefty price tag. Only $40 for a dress you’ll live in!

I’ve been crazy for caftans long enough that I’m kicking myself for passing up this Target caftan for $29 when it went on clearance last year.

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Last week I was in TJ Maxx and found some really cool caftans for less than $60. That’s a price point I can get behind.

So, are you feelin’ me? Have I convinced you that caftans are what we’re all going to be wearing this summer and probably next?


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Style: Crazy for Caftans

I plan on living in caftans this summer. You heard me.

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