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Starving Artist Ink.

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I share some of my dreams, hopes, and accomplishments… Here I to begin the process of being a real artist and showing the world what I can do. Exploring my surroundings, learning, and creating more everyday.

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The Mother Artists

The Mother Artists.

Artistic backgrounds

Does the feeling of dipping your paintbrush or fingers into juicy colorful paint set your spine a tingling? Creating your own artistic background is easy…read on to find out how...

Interview with artist J. Kirk Richards

Interview with artist J. Kirk Richards

2013 Gift Guide: The Budding Artist

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Budding Artist

Get your budding artist crafting this holiday season!

Snapdragon Ink

If you put the two most important parts of me together – motherhood and writing – and you stir in a little resolution about personal fulfillment and mental stability, you get this blog. Like most mothers out there, I absolutely adore my children and, like most mothers out there, I live dangerously close to that bend in the road, the one you’re not supposed to go around. The writing you find here keeps me away from that bend. It gives me just a bit more road. It slows life down long enough for me to remember the details. It helps me to focus on the good stuff and handle the bad stuff with more grace and humour. And there’s always room in my life for more grace and humour.

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Support Your Local Artist Week!

I’ve unofficially declared this week SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST WEEK!

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Interview with Artist & Mother Emily Mcphie (+ giveaway!!)

1. How has Motherhood influenced or changed your work?

Tara Whitney

A Big Gift

Tara Whitney has a knack for bringing out the best in her subjects. Read how this extraordinary photographer eased into her big dream after receiving a camera under the Christmas tree.