Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

My baby isn’t a baby anymore, but his room wasn’t proof of his growth.
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Approaching his 4th birthday, I started looking around at his long body stretched across the toddler bed, and the Eric Carle pictures framed on the wall, and the changing table/dresser that held books where the diapers used to be. I decided it was time for a room makeover as a birthday present. With 6 days before birthday time, here’s what we did. (I say “we” because my husband just loves to be pulled in on these projects that I ~~force on him~~ dream up).


I never liked the icy blue walls (they look white in this picture), but we hung those Eric Carle pictures with care just the night before my babe was born. The crib eventually got converted to a toddler bed, and that’s where we were until one week ago.

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Star Wars Bedroom Step One:

Thankfully the trim was still nicely painted, so it was just a matter of the walls. I repaired the small nail holes and my mom helped me paint the walls. I liked the Gray Marble color from my master bedroom project, so I grabbed the leftover and used it for my boy’s room.

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Star Wars Bedroom Step Two:

I bought this twin bed from a friend and painted it black. She bought a black bed and painted it white. We make no sense and that’s why we’re friends.

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This is where my husband got pulled in. I don’t like spray painting, get impatient, and end up rushing it and getting runs. My husband painted this bed with gloss black and made it look sleek and perfect for our project.

Star Wars Bedroom Step Three:

Ordered and hung the coolest Star Wars wallpaper mural from RoomMates Peel & Stick Wall Decor. The $160 price tag is steep, but I spent 4 months painting a mural in my older son’s room and I consider this money an excellent exchange for my time.

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The product we received was really beautiful. It’s one roll with 7 numbered sheets that you cut apart and adhere. It did have a massive amount of paste that oozed out from the wet sheets, and it was a mess. If you have carpet you’ll need to plan for flooring protection. Thank you to my parents for helping with the wallpaper.

Star Wars Bedroom Step Four:

Extra shopping! I ordered some Star Wars sheets online and also found this Luke Skywalker lightsaber night light. A quick run to Target for a bedspread resulted in $20 and a wicked punch of orange bedspread was just the ticket!

Star Wars Bedroom Step Five:

Do the hokey pokey and shake it all about.

Or, make your kid sleep on his brother’s bedroom floor for 3 nights while you “sneak” work on all of this stuff. Our basement smells like spray paint? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Star Wars Bedroom Step Six:

Finish it all at midnight the ~~night before~~ morning of the boy’s birthday, while on meds to keep my pounding migraine bearable. I love my husband. He saves me on all of these crazy ideas. Here’s the room just before we put our sleeping boy in it so he would wake up to New Room Birthday Happiness!

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That’s one happy Birthday Boy! He’s hugging a Chewbacca stuffed animal that growls. Aaaaaaargh!

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