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Stabbing Survivor Marries the Paramedic That Saved Her

Melissa Dohme Hill found the love of her life when he saved her from a horrifying incidence of domestic violence.
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By Brittany White, Editor


Her ex stabbed her 32 times ... and he was the paramedic who rescued her.

True love appears when you least expect it. And this was certainly the case for Melissa Dohme Hill who found the love of her life when he saved her from a horrifying incidence of domestic violence.

According to an article in The Daily Mail, in 2012, Melissa Dohme Hill was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend, Robert Lee Burton, after a violent physical attack.

Melissa spoke of the terrifying experience during an interview with BBC News, in which she explained:

"A young boy and girl nearby ran over because they heard me screaming, and the girl called 911. After seeing them Robert went and got a bigger knife with a serrated blade from his truck and attacked me with that. He had every intention of killing me. He knew the police were going to come and he wanted to get it finished ... He left me lying in the road and I thought I was going to die. I just prayed to God to save me and give me a chance."

Melissa Hill

Melissa got a second chance, thanks to the paramedic who is now her husband, Cameron Hill. 

Cameron was the first responder on the scene. He carried Melissa from the ambulance to a helicopter in order to save her life, which, luckily, he did.


10 months later the two reunited at Melissa's church and quickly fell in love.

Melissa told the Daily Mail, "I was weirdly giddy. I had this feeling about him."

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After two years together, Cameron surprised Melissa with a super romantic marriage proposal at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in 2015.

And on March 4, 2017, the two lovebirds officially became husband and wife at The Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida. 

“I didn’t even want to open my heart up to anything,” the 25-year-old bride told People Magazine. “I was afraid, but then I met Cameron."


When Cameron was asked about his wedding day he responded, “It was beautiful, I married the girl of my dreams."

Aww! We are so happy these two found each other despite the difficult circumstances under which they met. They are proof that love can get you through the darkest of times. 


Melissa and Cameron, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness

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