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Space Camp for Families

Space Camp for Families
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Family Time…in Space

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What do we miss the most as our children grow? Time. Really we miss spending time together. As they get older the time they spend away from us increases and we miss them. That’s probably why I look forward to school breaks and long weekends as much as the kids do, albeit for different reasons. We try to use the time to cross things off our family bucket list. All the things on our list have a couple themes in common; spend time together, visit a new place, meet new people, learn new things. The years have also taught my husband and I that the older the kids get the more we have to up our game when it comes to what we do and where we go during family time.

As we discussed options for spring break we didn’t have to ask our junior high daughter twice if she would like to attend Space Camp. She was immediately excited to try the “spiny sphere thing”, wear a space suit, and learn more about exploration of the universe. As much as her dad and I are looking forward to those things too we are most excited to spend time with her, even if it was in a simulated space environment. See? Space Camp for families is exactly what we were looking for.

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We decided to fly Southwest into Nashville and spend a day touring Vanderbilt University, visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and eating BBQ. Then it was off to camp. Space Camp in Hunstsville, AL is an easy hour and half drive from Nahsville. From the highway we knew we’d arrived at the right place when we were greeted from the highway by the Saturn 5 Rocket which stands in front of the US Space and Rocket Museum. We were excited to begin our spring break adventures training and transforming from earth bound humans to astronauts.

So what did three days at Space Camp do for us?

Read my next post to see how we confirmed a few things we already knew, discovered one of us never gets dizzy, found new things concerning our impact on the environment and the solar system to worry about, and learned about amazing people. Once we were exposed to all that is possible on earth and in space, it simply blew our minds.

Seriously. It. Blew. Our. Minds.


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