Souvenir Baseball Bat Display

Souvenirs are great, but what do you actually do with them?
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I like to decorate with them or try to buy more useful items. I had a souvenir baseball bat from different teams that were bought for me as a kid, but I needed a cute way to display them. This was an easy project to show off these bats. I went with a very American theme, because I love stars and because it is the American pastime! You could paint it many different ways to match any decor.



Acrylic Paint

Rope (I used the dollar store clothesline)

Metal Picture Hanger Brackets

1.Cut your plywood to the size you want it, or in my case ask your husband to!

2.Mark where you want your bats to be and pencil two dots and about an inch a part, this is where you will drill your holes.

3.After drilling the holes you are ready to paint! I started with a blue coat. When that dried I used paper that I cut stars out of and stenciled some light blue stars over the blue.

To finish up, I used painter’s tape to create the word “Take” and I stenciled that in and free-handed the outline and the rest of the phrase.

4.Next, super glue the picture hanger brackets to the back. Put one on each of the top corners.

5.Lastly tie your bats on with the rope or ribbon. Tie the knots in the back, and make sure it’s tight! After trimming your extra rope, it’s ready to hang up.

I hope this is a good solution for decorating with some of your souvenir baseball bats. Thanks for reading!