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Someone Send The Pioneer Woman a Congratulatory Batch of Cinnamon Rolls - STAT.

It sounds like that little cutie, Reese Witherspoon, may be starring in a silver screen adaptation of The Pioneer Women’s real-life love story to Marlboro Man.
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While I was stalling working on next week’s newsletter I came across some BIG news about a wonderful blogger via

It sounds like that little cutie, Reese Witherspoon, may be starring in a silver screen adaptation of The Pioneer Woman’s real-life love story to Marlboro Man.


She takes great photos, she cooks, she homeschools, she dodges calf-nuts and now we’ll (fingers crossed) get to swoon over something besides Vampires.

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Cowboys are the new Vampires. You heard it here first.

OOOooo! Who should play Marlboro Man?! Tell me in the comments below.


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