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Soap Goddess – Soap That Is Simply Divine!

I’m a bath junkie. I admit it
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My husband rolls his eyes at me regularly because I take over the bathroom counter with my never-ending assortment of sugar scrubs, creams, lotions and other potions.  And it’ s a running joke that because of my massive stash of handmade soaps, we will never, ever need to buy soap again.

But I’ve found some soap that’s going to have me coming back for more no matter how much I may have in my stash.  I’ve discovered the Soap Goddess!  Soap Goddess is the labor of love of Susan Soros.  On her website, she offers beautiful handmade soaps in delectable scents like Island Mango, Lemongrass Poppyseed, and Lavender Meadows.  I was fortunate enough to obtain five of her soaps to try out and review.  (The soaps were provided in exchange for this review, but the opinions are mine and mine alone!)  The scents I tried are Texas Peach, Forest Fantasy, Canyon Trail, Coolmint, and Starlit Sky (Starlit Sky was a lovely blue and white bar that didn’t make it into the picture because I had to try it first!).

I’m pretty particular about my soap.  You won’t find any garden-variety drugstore soaps in my stash – nope, I like my soaps to be made from the good stuff.  Looking at the labels from the Soap Goddess soaps, I knew these would be quality.  They’re made with skin-loving ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, and sweet almond oil.

As I’ve said, I used Starlit Sky first.  The website describes the scent as “A magical blend of mints, rosemary, berries, and spice.”  I got a nice combination of fruity herbal goodness from it, with the mint and spice as a lovely background note.  My husband liked it, too, so it would be a good scent for men or women.  His thoughts are usually along the lines of, “Eh, soap is soap.”  But he said this was good soap – high praise from him!  The soap lathered up nicely, with a lot of small bubbles.  It rinsed nice and clean, and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry.  I’d definitely like to get my hands on more, even if I already have what’s bound to be the biggest soap stash in Ellis County.

The Coolmint scent isn’t your usual sweetish mint.  It’s a little stronger than that, and her website lists it as a spearmint scent.  I’m using that one in the kitchen, and I love having that fresh scent there to make my hands smell good after I’ve been cleaning up.

The other three bars we haven’t yet used, so scent reviews are based on dry sniff.  Canyon Trail is a nice manly scent.  Again, my husband doesn’t usually care much about soap or what it smells like.  Most days he may not even notice it has a scent!  But he took a whiff of the Canyon Trail and said, “Hey, that’s nice.”  (I’ve known him to make that comment about maybe three scents in all the time I’ve known him, so that’s saying something.)  Forest Fantasy is a nice green outdoorsy scent.  I’d think it would be refreshing on hot summer days.  And Texas Peach – well, that one’s pretty much self-explanatory.  It smells like a juicy peach!

In addition to her website, Susan also has a shop at 315 W. Main, Suite #16, Waxahachie, Texas, just a block or so over from the courthouse square.  (When you go visit, be warned, parking in the area can sometimes be challenging.  But hey, make a day of it – park over by the courthouse, go see Susan and buy some soap, and then go to the Dove’s Nest for lunch!  That’s what I’d do, anyway.)  She also carries sugar scrubs in her shop, and I plan to buy one of those on my next visit there – I do love a good scrub.  Stop by and tell her howdy, and let Susan know you read about her wonderful soaps here on DFW Mama!


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