Small ways we can all save money

We all want to save money in anyway that we can.
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Be it at the grocery store, our financial institutions, but what about our cell phone plans, Internet, cable, travel. I have been reading a lot of different websites and there tips on where and what to save. Here are my favorite tips on where to save some money.

1.Grocery store- when we shop the ads and buy only what we need we can save hundreds of dollars a year. (See my other artice “shop that list & save” )

2.Home cooked meal VS Restaurant- This is my 2nd favorite way to save money. In the last 6 months, my family has gone out to eat 7 times. 3 were for birthday’s, 1 anniversary, and the other 3 was the I didn’t plan anything for dinner factor. when you figure in it costs a family of 4 $30-$50 depending on the restaurant, you can spend that same amount of money and have 4 home cooked meals.

3.Budgeting- This is my ultimate tip. When you figure out how much money you spend each month on what you HAVE to spend (ex: mortgage, utilities, car payments, credit cards) VS WANT to spend (clothes, manicure, massage, new hair color, magazines, shoe shopping) you can see where your $$$ goes and what you need to cut back on.

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