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Small Space Living

I don’t know how many people, like me, are struggling trying to find ways to decorate and survive in small spaces.
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I recently moved out of our townhouse and downsized to an apartment. Our storage unit is completely full at this point while we wait and see what happens with our renters. Will they buy it at the end of the year? Or will we end up moving back in? Ah, the loveliness of this housing economy. But this post is not about that but how to survive while downsizing your space. Or at least trying to survive! Because if you are like me, it’s not easy boxing up all your stuff and trying to identify your “necessities” on which you will have to live on for who knows how long.

Here are some pointers that we have learned:

1.Always take some items with you that you love. You need your small space to feel like home.

  • Here’s one of my favorite pictures that I keep on our TV stand. When we downsized, I tagged everything “apartment” or “storage”. This was something I knew had to go to the apartment.

2.Use items that multi-task. This is a huge space saver!

  • For example, when we moved to the apartment, we went from three bedrooms to two. I couldn’t lose both the guest bedroom and the office. So I went to Ikea and bought a futon so it doubles as a couch/guest bed.
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3.Organization, organization, organization!

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  • Ok, I admit, this is not my strong suit by any stretch of the imagination. BUT I feel that it is very important because the more organized you are, the less stressed you might be trying to find things, and things will appear less cluttered (also, BIGGER!) Amazing! And really, have you seen the cute organization
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4.Hang pictures of your family and things that remind you of happy times.

  • This will again make you small place feel like home, no matter the size.

5.If you can paint the walls, then paint!

  • Paint will liven up any space – just be careful what color you chose. A dark color in a room that doesn’t receive much light will make the room look smaller. But if a room receives a lot of light, than a darker color will be fine. Blues, greens and yellow are great colors for small rooms to make them look bigger.
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6.If you are having to downsize, like we did, think carefully about what you need in the smaller space. You will always need less than what you think you need.

  • Keep boxes around, so you can repack boxes with extra stuff once you realize you won’t need it in the small space.

What ideas do you have for keeping your small space livable and homey? Please let me know by leaving a comment below! I’m excited to start blogging here with you!


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