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Through a lot of counseling and effort, I overcame childhood sexual abuse. I also was able to work through many inhibitions relating to intimacy in marriage. So I have now become a marriage advocate.

Simply Sweet Marriage is connected to an online store that provides intimate products, resources, and apparel in a clean, safe and tasteful environment - free from pornography. promotes healthy marital relations through cultivating the intimate sexual relationship that husbands and wives are meant to enjoy. Intimate products including books, furniture, games, small vibrators, Kegal exercisers, organic lubricants and more, can help cultivate and increase marital intimacy. SSM presents these products in a Sweet setting while providing invaluable product education pages in a tasteful way. Look for giveaways and free printable’s.
Serving the United States (most APO/AFO boxes) and Canada


sweet little smoothie

Sweet Little Smoothie

I stumbled across Sweet Little Smoothie's crafting blog the other day and promptly bookmarked it. What's a full time technology project manager and mom to an adorable little boy doing with a crafting blog? Making some really great stuff. Check out Sweet Little Smoothie!


Sweet Arts Design

Be creative! Have fun choosing a design, color and font, then add your child's name to create your own unique design. Add your design to apparel, prints, cards and more to make a one-of-a-kind gift. Personalize your own alphabet book featuring your child's name to make story time special. Our gifts are also available in French, Italian and Spanish to introduce your little one to a new language. Get creative and color a child's world!

Tour of Duty

Is there something the matter with me? As a wife? Because here’s the thing: I don’t always like to do my “wifely duty.”

To Sleep, Perchance to Scheme

My wife, Lael, and I had repeatedly been cautioned by our experienced friends to expect severe, relationship-altering sleep loss after the birth of our daughter. The truth was, though, that we looked forward to the challenge.

To Yell, Perchance to Scream

My brother Sean and I were sitting at our round kitchen table eating lunch one sticky summer afternoon in the middle of my childhood, when my father opened the freezer to survey its contents and figure out what he’d make for supper that night. This freezer was always unreasonably disorganized and packed to the gills...It was like an unexploded mine, waiting to combust and assault you with frozen shrapnel the moment you opened its door.