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Simon Malls Kidgits Club

Do you have a Simon Mall near you?
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You likely do…there are 34 Simon malls in Texas (Firewheel Town Center is the one closest to me).

If you have a Simon mall nearby and a small child in the house, you’ll want to check out the Simon Kidgits Club (warning – this site makes noise and plays music, so you may want to turn the volume down before you click on the link, or just go ahead and open it like I did late at night in the bedroom next to a sleeping child and see how that goes – ha!).

I stumbled across the Kidgits Club online one day, and decided that for $5 per kid, it was worth checking out.

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The $5 membership fee is per child, and is good for an entire year.  Take the kids with you when you sign up (which you do at the Simon Guest Center) – not only do they get a membership card and a t-shirt, but they also get to spin the prize wheel and pick a prize (and oh boy, was spinning the prize wheel a big hit with my kid). We also received a miniature Lego set (which came with a free one-year subscription to a Lego magazine).

Aside from all the fun goodies we received while signing up (which takes all of five minutes), the kids will each get birthday cards on their birthdays, a birthday gift, access to free events throughout the year (I’m told the free events include fun things like bounce houses and more prizes!), and a chance to spin the prize wheel every time we go to the mall (woohoo!).

Our $5 annual membership fee included a t-shirt, a miniature Lego set, and a chance to spin the prize wheel and pick a fun goodie out of the prize bucket!

For more info, check out the Kidgits Club website (the website also has kid-friendly games and activities, which might come in handy on a rainy day), or stop in the Guest Services office next time you are at the mall.


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