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Shush The Voice In Your Head with 6 Reasons To Go Finish Your Degree

Life with kiddos can seem crazy and that calendar is packed, BUT you’d be surprised how easy it can be to fit your education into your already busy life.
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This post is sponsored by and crafted with Capella University; however, all opinions are my own.

Does back-to-school season have you thinking about your own education? Life with kiddos can seem crazy and that calendar is certainly packed, BUT you’d be surprised how easy it can be to fit your education into your already busy life – because of FlexPath from Capella University.

Maybe you’ve got some doubts floating around in your head, because FlexPath might seem too good to be true?

It’s time to kick those worries to the curb and consider the perks. With FlexPath you can:

Use What You Already Know
Did you leave a job or industry to raise your kiddos? No need to waste time and money on subjects you already know from your career. With FlexPath, because it is self-paced, you can move quickly through what you already know, and spend more time on what you need to learn.

You Can Set Your Own Pace
There’s no one way to tackle your online degree and the fact that you can be totally flexible is a life-saver when it comes to getting your degree, while taking care of your family. If a kiddo gets sick, you can still be there for them. If you can’t work and study as much during your kid’s school breaks, no big deal. Early bird? Night owl? Weekend warrior? You can get your education in a way that works for YOU.

Happy young woman sitting on the floor with crossed legs and using laptop on gray background

Happy young woman sitting on the floor with crossed legs and using laptop on gray background

You Pay a Flat Fee
That means, you can move onto the next course as soon as you finish waiting for the term or semester to end. What does that look like for a mom? Maybe you have a window of time when you’ve got some extra help managing the house and kiddos and can pack in more courses—It is an all-you-can-learn tuition structure, where you can complete as many courses as you are able each 12-week session, taking up to 2 courses at a time, for one flat tuition rate. For example, with FlexPath you can earn your MBA in just 9 months for under $7,500*.

Learn In a Way You’ll Actually Use
Skip the busy work — you’ll be learning by doing the sort of projects and case studies that mirror the real life experience that you’d have doing jobs in your degree field. Practical experience so you can learn as you go? That’s a HUGE advantage.

Kiss Those High-Priced Textbooks GOODBYE
I still have a few of my college textbooks kicking around in my storage closet, if only because I can’t bear to part with the monumental investment that I made in them. They are the paper equivalent of really nice clothing that I’m hoping will come back in style. FlexPath doesn’t require that you buy course materials—you can learn through your own resources or Capella-recommended resources.

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“Flexible” Doesn’t Mean “Alone”
Sure, a flexible schedule sounds great until it means that you’re isolated and flying solo and feeling unsure of your ideas and grasp of the concepts that you’re learning. That’s not learning, that’s frustrating and inefficient— but with FlexPath you get support from faculty, tutors, coaches, even through the Capella writing center, and of course, with your fellow FlexPath students.

Still sounds too good to be true? Tarishia** is a mom of 2 who earned her degree through FlexPath from Capella:

“Each year I put it off. When my son went to school, I put it off that year, and then a year again. Then I finally decided I can no longer put it off because there’s never going to be a right time. It’s just going to be opportunity that I have to take."

“Mothers always seem to do that. We put ourselves last and everybody else first. It’s just something that it’s part of our makeup as a mom. I did that for a while and I thought about it. “How can I put myself in the front for a change?” I was grateful that my husband said, ‘You have supported me and you supported the kids. Everything that we wanted to do, you always were there. This is your time.’ That was a door opening.”

Sound like something you want to learn more about? Click here to get your free FlexPath guide for all the details and more success stories from parents who were finally able to achieve their degree because of FlexPath.

*Program length and cost depends on the number of courses completed per 12-week session and the number of sessions at $2,400. Data based on MBA FlexPath graduates through June 2016.

**Tarishia is a real Capella graduate who agreed to be featured in Capella

See graduation rates, median student debt and other information at

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capella University. The opinions and text are all mine.


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