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Shopping: FabKids Review

Last week, I wrote an introduction to FabKids, a relatively new clothing service
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With Christina Applegate as a Creative Partner and lots of buzz, this company is quite a find.  After completing a fun and free style quiz online about your girl, FabKids presents you with several different outfits based on your profile.  Once you purchase your first outfit, each month there will be new outfits recommended for your little girl and you get to select your favorite.  For $39.99 a month, you receive three pieces.

I had thought and thought about trying this service, and since there is no commitment, I figured it was a low risk venture.  Once you become a “member,” you are not required to buy an outfit every month – you can skip a month if you’d like and resume the next month.   And if it’s not for you, you just cancel.

Once I completed the online quiz, I had a lot of fun looking at the outfits they had chosen for my little girl.  I liked many of them and just had to pick one, which was kind of difficult, but a good problem to have.  The outfits had lots of color and personality.  Also, I’m not always great at putting things together, so I loved that everything I was selecting was a complete outfit.  Except for shoes, of course.

After placing my order, the FabKids box was delivered in less than a week.  I received an email when it shipped and was able to track it.  I was excited to know that something other than bills would arrive soon!

As soon as my two year old saw the bright pink box in the mail, there was no waiting to open it.  She had no idea what was in the box, but with the adorable stars all over it, it looked fun and she wanted in on the action.

We opened the box to find fun silver tissue paper with a star sticker holding everything together.  Great presentation.  Each article of clothing inside was individually bagged and nicely folded, which I liked.  As I was oohing and aah-ing over the outfit, I turned to see that my little girl had taken all her clothes off, clearly wanting to try everything on.  Oh, a girl after my own heart.  I couldn’t blame her, really.

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Coming Up Roses outfit

We both loved everything we received.  The clothes are colorful and bright and just the right mix of girly and practical.  I also have to mention that they are also very well made and extremely soft.  When you buy online, it is difficult to know what the material will feel like, and FabKids did not disappoint.  If they had a line for adults, I would buy it.

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The outfit I chose is called “Coming Up Roses” and included: a green ¾ length sleeve top with cute polka dots and a pink flower detail sewed on, super soft stretch jeggings (totally cute on a two year old, I have to say), and a yellow stripey headband.

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A FabKids Close-up!

If you have a little girl who wears size 2 – 8 and shopping is one more thing on your to-do list, FabKids could be your best friend.  For reals.

To try FabKids and get your first outfit for just $25, use the following link:

Happy Shopping!

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