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Shannon's Summer Bucket List

From Homewood to bounce houses, training to be like Michael Phelps, and blowing bubbles, we're doing up this summer bucket list.
Shannons bucket list
Summer and safety go hand in hand...

Summer and safety go hand in hand...

The anticipation of summer is a great thing. It's already staying light enough late enough to take a walk after dinner. The water table's been dragged out, cleaned and filled with fresh water. I bought new flip-flops, and my kids smell like sunscreen. It's right around the corner, and I can FEEL it. We are ready!

What are we going to do this summer you may ask? Let me lay out our map of awesome for you...

Shannon's Summer Bucket List:


Where are we going? The South of France? Barbados? The Hamptons? Nope. We're going to my favorite place on earth.

That chair is calling me...

That chair is calling me...

Boom. Homewood, California. If you haven't been there, you need to go. Beautiful in the winter, and amazing in the summer, it's kind of the place to be. As incredible as all that winter snow beauty is, I can't stand puffy snow clothes, don't like being cold, wet or the strong, strong feeling that I'm going to break a leg when I'm attempting to ski or snowboard, so for me, summer in Tahoe is the time to go. It's a kid's paradise, and when we came home last summer after ten days of fun, my daughter SOBBED as we pulled into the driveway. She's been asking when we can go back ever since.


When she started preschool this past fall, I cried. However, I took comfort in knowing that the school didn't go all year round and she'd be home during the summer. Huh. Almost nine months later with those relaxing preschool mornings under my belt, and now I'm wondering what we're going to do all summer.


She really wants to try this. Not sure where she got the idea, and praying that she doesn't start trying to chop up her friends, but we're going to attempt it.


She really likes to be referred to as "Michael Phelps" in the bathtub. No joke. Time to ramp up the lessons.

Kid Yoga.

Always good to try to keep your preschooler centered. Does it work? We shall see.

Crafty, crafty! 

Now that Pinterest is such a "thing" there is no excuse to not come up with some crafty ideas. Get pinning people!

Sponge balls instead of water balloons? Genius. That Martha Stewart is always thinking.

A block of ice filled with treasure? And they get to use a hammer? Counting Coconuts really nailed this one.

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Blowing bubbles with a water bottle? This would keep my little friend busy for a long time. Click here to snag the idea from Projects for Preschoolers.

Cooking and Baking!

Certain foods are just LOADS more appropriate in the summer...

Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing from For the Love of Cooking.

Quinoa Caprese Salad from Fit Foodie Finds.

Inside-Out Spring Roll Salad from BetterRecipes.

Avocado, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad from Just a Spoonful of...

Fruit Pizza Bar from The Red Bird of Life. Perfect summer dessert.

Plant a Garden!

That's right. This black thumb is going to make something grow. SOMETHING will be successful. I'm very determined.


Yup. I'm going to be pouring more than just lemonade.

Sangria Blanca from Refinery 29

Strawberry Infused Vodka Lemonade Sparkler from Valley & Co.


I do not enjoy running. But I keep telling myself that if I keep doing it somehow this will change. I'll continue to try out that probably very untrue theory during the summer.

Host a Slammin' Birthday Bash!

Little guy is turning one this summer, and it's the summer birthday I've always wished for. Having one kid with a winter birthday, I've been looking forward to an August birthday and all of the BBQ's, swim parties and park parties that this can offer up. We'll be celebrating at the house with a backyard blowout. Including a bounce house that my husband fears will destroy his lawn. Does six hours of a bounce house cause permanent lawn damage?

Playhouse for the Peanuts!

The playhouse kit is in the garage. In the box. It's happening. I predict once we raise the roof on this little playhouse number, it becomes the place to be for neighboring three year olds.

While these plans might not be what you may call EXOTIC, they are relaxing, scream summer, and are perfect for our little family of four. Come on over for a play date in the playhouse one afternoon...I'll make you a lemonade sparkler!


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