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Shannon's Evo12 Recap

Park City brings the heat, one closet bobsledder, avocados and one awesome weekend...

First of all let me just say that Park City brings the magic. This was my third trip to Park City, and I might be in love. Every time I return home from there, I work on a pitch to my husband on all the reasons why I think we should pack up and move there. So far, he hasn't grabbed his suitcase, but he's never been there. I think he needs to make a trip with me and get caught up in some of the magic.

This wasn't my first Evo rodeo, but it certainly didn't disappoint. As usual, I cried during the very motivating breakfast presentations. I was in awe of the amazingly savvy and intelligent women (and men) who were keeping me company for the weekend. I tightly gripped a chairlift in the dark when I thought the power was going to go out leaving me dangling on the side of a mountain after our amazing avocado dinner. And I survived Amy almost taking me out with a glow stick during an impromptu dance party in our suite.

As usual, I left Evo with a full heart, and the feeling that I should be doing more. The people and speakers who attended are inspiring and truly making a difference in our world. There aren't too many places where you can be surrounded by such good juju.

And just when you're so filled with goodness that you could pop, you get to experience all of the fun to be had at the closing party. A night filled with alpine coasters and slides was just the way to finish off an incredible weekend, and a truly great way to check out some of the spectacular Park City mountains. The sign on the Alpine Coaster specifically said to not take pictures, but I have a tiny bit of rebel in me...

View on the way up the Alpine Coaster

View on the way up the Alpine Coaster

This was one of those rides that gave you a LOT of time to think about what exactly you were doing and how freaky it might be on the other side. We also hit up the Alpine Slide and let me just say that Rachael hurls herself down that slide like she's the long lost bobsledder from Cool Runnings. Make her go in front of you.

Photography by Melinda Jae Photography

Photography by Melinda Jae Photography

Look at those fabulous ladies! It was an incredible weekend, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. Park City! I'll be back!

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