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Sexy Times Pajamas

The other night when my husband and I crawled into bed, bone-tired after a day of work, swimming lessons, T-ball practice and all the kid stuff, he looked at me and said, "Oh, that's a nice shirt."

The other night when my husband and I crawled into bed, bone-tired after a day of work, swimming lessons, T-ball practice and all the kid stuff, he looked at me and said, "Oh, that's a nice shirt." Like, in the most sincere, complimentary way possible. It was really sweet.

I cracked up. Literally, howling and guffawing. Guffawing is about as pretty in action as it is as an actual word. This is what I was wearing.


My friends, this black shirt is from Liz Lange Maternity for Target. It's been through two pregnancies, the last of which ended in July of 2009. The only "nice" thing about it is the slight cotton ruffle around the chest. You know, for growing pregnant mammaries. I kept the shirt because it's comfortable and sort of similar to the styles of today, but really? No one should be rocking maternity wear in bed when she's NOT PREGNANT.

I assume that my husband:

a. Really thought it was nice, since his comparison is me wearing a free giveaway T-shirt from a blog conference. Although Wordpress IS sexy. 

b. Was willing to throw any compliment my way if it meant the possibility of sex.

c. Only has eyes for me, no matter what.

d. All of the above.

For me, this moment was proof that I need to up my game. I remember when we were throwing all of our time and money into fixing up our first house. One day after a trip to Home Depot for decking supplies, my husband came home and gave me a nail apron. I was all, "That is so sweet! Thank you for thinking of me!" Seriously, that nail apron was akin to giving me flowers (even though it was also an unspoken agreement that I would nail deck boards in 95 degree heat for two days). But my reaction to the nail apron was when my husband realized his A-game was off. Same thing with my black maternity shirt.

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Now I need to do some shopping. And then do something with it. And him.



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