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Scones and Buttermilk Syrup

A recipe for Scones and Buttermilk Syrup just like the ones my dad used to make. Poke a hole in one corner of the scone and drizzle in honey
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Most people from Utah have a story of when they found out that our version of scones--fried bread dough smothered in honey butter or jam--is not what the rest of the world calls "scones." In my case it was a conversation with my mother-in-law. She lamented having a good scone recipe. I said I had one, my dad used to make them for breakfast! She was delighted, only to be disappointed when I produced a yeast dough that fried up instead of a delicate English scone. Oops.

But for those of you eager to try a traditional Western scone, I found a recipe from Calli at Make it Do that looks just like the ones my dad used to make. For authenticity, poke a hole in one corner of the cooked scone and drizzle in honey, a slathering of jam, or honey butter.

scones and buttermilk syrup

Scones and buttermilk syrup full recipe at Make It Do

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