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Science Camp

When you drop your child off at Mr. Shargel’s Science Adventures, chances are you’ll be late for your next appointment.

By Susan Safipour

When you drop your child off at Mr. Shargel’s Science Adventures, chances are you’ll be late for your next appointment. Not horribly late, but at least a few minutes because you won’t be able to resist going in to see what your child is building. A rocket? A robot? RC planes? Submarines? A boat they can race across a pool? If Matt Shargel sees you, he might start demonstrating things that are likely to explode, and then he’ll ask your child to explain why it did. Your child will explain in great detail, perhaps more than you needed to know as you look at your watch. But when you do finally leave, you will leave knowing that your child will be having the time of their life building things and learning about science by middle school science teacher, who is also something a camp expert, being the prodigy of parents who are both camp directors themselves.

975 N. San Carlos Dr., Walnut Creek, (925) 207-4000,

Published:, July 2009

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Author bio: Susan Safipour is the editor of Diablo magazine, and a mom.


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