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When we ran across we knew we had to get to know the creator! proudly introduces you to Sabrina Weill, founder of ProjectAngelMom and mother extraordinaire who's working on matching mittens!
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When we ran across we knew we had to get to know the creator! proudly introduces you to Sabrina Weill, founder of ProjectAngelMom and mother extraordinaire who's working on matching mittens!

Sabrina Weill


City / State
New York, NY

What was your big dream?
To build a media company that creates and produces original content, mass-audience websites that are also socially-responsible—that is the goal for Weill Media. I love the idea of using media as a platform to do good in the world.

How did you accomplish it?

Where did you find inspiration to get started?
Before we created our first site:, I saw a show about parents who sent all 4 of their children to college by recycling millions of bottles and cans. I thought to myself, “How can I send this woman a check?”
When I couldn’t find any contact information for her online, I wanted to create a website where people who are inspired by tragic news stories could find out direct-donation information for the families behind those headlines. 100% of the money that gets sent in goes directly to the families profiled on the site.

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What motivated you to keep going?
Every time the traffic goes up on I think, “I hope all those people are making donations!” As a former magazine editor (I was in magazines for 14 years) I love the thrill of having an idea and then seeing it published.

What's your next Big Dream?
To teach my 2-year old to go to sleep at a normal hour.

When you were 5 what did you want to be when you grew up?
A famous writer.

What about when you were 15?
A famous writer.

Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
The kind of mother who can find my kids’ mittens in the morning on a consistent basis. Matching mittens.

What book is on your night stand?
Eats, Shoots, and Leaves—it’s a delicious book about the use and misuse of punctuation. I find it so hilarious that sometimes I wake my husband up because I’m laughing out loud while reading it in bed.

What's your Guilty Pleasure? (grey's anatomy, peppermint mocha lattes,
Expensive shoes. Also, I am not a good singer but I love to sing! Karaoke all the way—especially Pat Benatar.



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