What this is in an opportunity. Life grants us opportunities ALL THE TIME to see what is not really working and come up with a new play...a new game plan....a new perspective.
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For the past few weeks I have had numerous conversations with clients and friends about the state of our world. I have to be honest, I rarely watch TV or listen to the news. I find that all it does is perpetuate FEAR- however it is also so important to KNOW all that is happening, in order to LEARN from it.

It is in these times where NEW is born. I disagree that it is gloomy, and that we are truly in a recession. We may be "broke" but we are not in recession. NO thing can take away our truest sense of who we are unless we THINK that to be true. No thing.

So who are we? Are we powerful enough to create something that is sustainable? That INCLUDES all people, not excludes?

I believe we are. And I have proof, (for you skeptics...hehehe) look at all that we have created. It may NOT be working, but none the less, we have created it with one another. This is not "one mans" doing- this is not our past presidents "fault", it is not a blame game, although it is easier to do that.

What this is in an opportunity. Life grants us opportunities ALL THE TIME to see what is not really working and come up with a new play...a new game plan....a new perspective.

Now is that time. It is not up to our leaders. It is not up to our financial markets.

It is up to us, my play well together. To include all people in the sandbox and stop BELIEVING that life is HARD. That we must do more, buy more, BE more, in order to "reap the rewards" and even THEN we still don’t feel VALUABLE enough to actually receive it.

We rush from here to there. We think that life is all about our jobs, our homes, labels and status...yet in the end, truly....

this is irrelevant.

I love my work, I mean PLAY- and I love that my daughter gets to witness her mother LOVING her work...but this does not define me. We are much BIGGER then our jobs. We are much BIGGER then our positions in which we find ourselves in.

We are not in deficit...we are in the PERFECT position to say:

"It is time...for something to change. It is time to stop believing that I have to work harder, sacrifice more and be TIRED all the time. It is time to stop the rushing from here to there, demonstrating to our children and others that this is NORMAL and NECESSARY"

For it is time.

But what is really COOL about this is HOW we go about taking action. Do we make it hard? Do we complain? Do we gather all of our friends together and commiserate with which one of us has the hardest life? Do we depend on drama in order to attain and contain our energy?


Do we stop.

And ask ourselves.

Who am I? What matters to me? What makes my heart feel ease, joy and freedom? REAL freedom?

This is not about being carefree and letting go of our responsibilities..for I know the power of a mortgage and the power of parenting first hand

it is the HOW we go into that I am talking about. 

How do we engage with life? Do we fight against it? Disregard it? Ignore the moments that MATTER? forget to hug our children because we are so in a rush?

HOW are we living?

And how do we WANT to live?

The power in creating this is up to one else.

It is our joyful responsibility to stand up for what really matters most.

Our joy.

-Jenny Ward


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