Ruffled Curtains Inspired by Anthropologie

I had some white bedsheets that I got for dirt cheap at a yard sale, that were used in our haunted house.
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Next year we won’t be using white ones and instead of dying them I’m turning them into needed curtains in our bedroom. Ruffled curtains are going to be even better!

I wanted to dress up the sheets to make them look a little less like sheets, so went to Anthropologie’s website. I found the Wandering Pleats Curtain, but I wanted it to look more like these cascading ruffles. Cute ruffled curtains would look less like bedsheets!

To make your own you will need to first measure your windows and determine how much material you will need. The supply list is short, because all you will need is material and thread.

Decide where your curtain rod will hang first. Then you can decide how wide you want each panel and how long you want your ruffled curtains to be. Add on as much as you need for hems on each side and add a few inches for your curtain rod tunnel.

With all of that said, I chose my length to be 80 inches final and each panel to be 24 inches wide finished. Mine will actually be for the doorway between the master bedroom and its bathroom. I cut pieces of the bedsheets to be 85 by 25 inches to include the hems and rod tunnels.

You will also need plenty of material for the ruffles. I used what was left of the bedsheet that I took the main curtain part from as well as another entire sheet and a few square feet of another. The ruffles are hard to calculate (ok, maybe just for me!) so I would just be sure to have double the material of your curtains on hand.

Ok, after all of the fun measuring and guessing of how much material you need, here are the real instructions!

1.Cut the main panels for your ruffled curtains. (Like was mentioned above!)

2.Hem the edges. Do all of them except for the top. You can use any hem that you would like, but I just folded over one edge and zig-zag stitched over it.

3.Cut the material for the ruffles. This is done by folding a big square into fourths, pin in place if needed. Then you can cut out a fourth of a big circle, and then on the inner side a small circle. (It’s confusing, I know, just look closely at the picture, it will make better sense!) Open up the circle, and cut a slit on one side.

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4.Measure how many circles you will need by pulling the inner circle to make a straight line. You will need enough to go down the length of the curtain 4 times. The pieces may be different lengths each time, depending on if your inside circle is cut differently. This is ok, you just need to measure each time to be sure you have enough. I used about 17 circles per curtain.

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Now that your circles are fabric strips you will need to sew them together. You need to sew enough together to go down the length of your curtain. This will make one set of cascading ruffles, and you will need 4 of them for each curtain. For mine, I used about 4 1/2 circles for each ruffle.

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If your circles were different sizes, it’s ok. Once they are sewn you can blend them by cutting off the excess, as shown in the picture below.

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5.After you have all of your fabric strips long enough to go down the length of your curtain, it’s time to pin them on so that you can sew them.

You should know where your top hem line is going to be, but it shouldn’t be sewn yet. You can pin it in place, and then you can see where the very top edge of your curtain will be. This is where to start pinning your fabric strips.

Do one set at a time. There are going to be two strips laid down with the insides (the straightened side) facing each other. The inside line should be placed the width of the fabric strip away from the edge. You want to pin the insides so that they are overlapping each other a little bit, you will be sewing down the middle of the two.

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Once you have pinned the entire length of the fabric strips you can sew them on. Go back and pin the other side and sew it on as well.

6.Now you can sew your top hem. Don’t bother sewing the seam where it will go over the ruffles, just skip those sections and keep going. This hem is where you will slide your curtain rod through. Once you do that you are done, and can hang your curtains.

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This was a bit of work, but it can be very pretty, fun and thrifty! Thanks for reading!

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