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Round Up: Swing Edition be a kid. The energy! The laugher! The ability to twirl without throwing up! be a kid.

 The energy! The laugher! The ability to twirl without throwing up!


When we weren’t inside hiding from the heat or honing our rope swing skills, I found a few wonderful bits around the web this week...

I loooooove movies. Apartment Therapy has a photo tour of beautiful homes and decor in film. (How much did I love Meryl Streep’s home in It’s Complicated? SO. MUCH.)

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Perhaps it’s because I was recently pregnant, that I find this so funny. Or maybe because the MAC counter scares the crap out of me. Either way, read it and laugh.

Want to kick your diet soda habit to curb? Here’s the post that will convince you.

On beauty and loving our bodies. (I got a little teary at the end.)

I have three words for you: Smore’s Krispie Treats. 

Somewhere around here there’s an iced coffee with my name on it. Have a great weekend!


An early morning photo. Gel clings are perfect for bathroom mirrors...perks hand washing time right up.

The Yay Friday Round Up: Birthday Girl Edition

We're knee-deep in pink frosting over here! Check out a few of the thought provoking, delicious and inspiring posts that I stumbled across this week.

Day 3. Fun with stickers!

Weekly Round Up

A few of my favorites from around the web this week.


Weekly Round Up

Here’s hoping your weekend is intensity-free and fun-filled. When you need to sneak in to cool off, put your feet up and enjoy a few wonderful posts from around the web...


Weekly Round Up: Rainy Days Edition

The web was full of great writing, moving videos and absolutely delicious recipes this week. Dig in!


Weekly Round Up: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Travel safe. Put your feet up. BBQ your little heart out. Remember your loved ones. Dig out the kiddie pool. And, for the love of all that is holy, WEAR SUNSCREEN.


The Yay Friday Round Up: Alt Edition

Two glorious things happened this week. First, a storm blew the funky air out of the area and then the girl and I both managed to finally kick this cold bug to the curb...


Weekly Perspectives Round Up: Mother's Day Edition

My wish for you: A Mother’s Day full of so many warm fuzzies that you have to turn on the A/C. Oh, and the chance to sleep in would be FANTASTIC.

My love. And the reason my babies are so cute.

Weekly Round Up: Married Folks Edition

While I wasn't mooning over old photos of me and the Mister, I found a few lovely posts to share...