Rope Tree Swings

Here's a rope tree swing with a twist...or a flip trick!
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Here's a rope tree swing with a twist . . . or a flip trick! You (and your kids) will be able to pull some sweet aerials with this rope swing. (Yes, I had to Google "skateboarding tricks" on Wikipedia to make sure that I used the correct "street talk" in writing this post.)

Skateboard Rope Swing

I'm going to state the obvious . . . but those of you who are like me and need a little step by step, I'm here for you:

1- Find an old skateboard deck

Old Skateboard Deck

2- Drill a hole through the middle with a a 3/4 inch or a 1 inch paddle bit. (My husband did this, he won't let me operate the drill for the safety of our family)

3- Get a sturdy rope

Skateboard Tree Rope Swing

4- Find a sturdy tree

5- Google some skateboard tricks

6- Attempt a Method Air Grab, a Rock and Roll, or a Stalefish with a Goofy Grab on your Toe Edge. Boom.

Tree Swing Tricks

While you're at it, play "Pumped Up Kicks" while you swing. It will make you happy.


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