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Game Changer

Game Changer

Christmas day Facebook post...

Shannon Breuner Nelson

You know you have fully reached adulthood when unwrapping a new Roomba makes you shriek with glee...

It's true. I danced like a seven year old girl being presented with a Barbie Dreamhouse. It was a Roomba dream come true.

Once we moved into our hardwood floor house with our two dogs and our two year old who has an intense desire to lay on the floor, I started to go slightly batty. And my desire to own a Roomba quadrupled.

If you're feeling slightly batty about your own cleaning situation, the Roomba is a game changer. I can't even tell you how clean my house is right now. The Roomba glides around the house with glee, lighting up like a little sparkler, charging towards a clump of dirt.

It is so smart. It knows where the dirt is, it doesn't miss a beat, and once it's worked it's hocus pocus magic all over your floor, it heads home to it's own docking station. I am IN LOVE.

Yes. They are pricey little robots. But it's tricky to put a price on glee. And this little piece of technology has brought me a great deal of glee. Borrow one, save for one, rent one, try to inherit one, hunt for one at a garage sale, hit Craig's List, but GET ONE. It will change your life. Promise.

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