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Hollywood Psychics

When I was in college, I drove an hour and a half with two girlfriends to visit a psychic. My aunt had seen this woman a few times and thought she was incredible, so she came highly recommended. We were a little nervous as we made our drive and rolled up to our final destination to meet with Rose, who looking back was probably a minimum of 85.

I went first, it was MY birthday, and I was amazed. First she studied the colors of my aura, and then the words just began to flow. She talked for over an hour and didn't stop. The session was recorded, and there were many things that I felt at that time were spot on. I thought it was incredible. Each of my girlfriends had their turn, and afterwards we went to lunch. They both cried. Rose had delivered each of them a piece of news about their future that they hadn't wanted to hear. Who knows how accurate what Rose shared would be, but she had been so RIGHT about so many other things, that hearing less happy news was frightening.

I've thought about Rose over the years, and while I don't remember everything that she said, I think I might even still have that tape somewhere. Yes tape, which ages me more than I would like to think about, and is why I probably won't be listening to it anytime soon.

So when TodaysMama was approached by Hollywood Psychics to have a reading done, my hand shot up faster than I could type YES.

The day of my psychic call came, and I was a little nervous. I think I had seen one or two other psychics besides Rose, but they were the sort of psychic with a $5 folding sign on the sidewalk in Venice Beach. I was a psychic call newbie. As Psychic Mari hopped on the line I definitely had a little flutter in my stomach.

As she began she asked what I was interested in. She said she was an energy healer if I had a desire to have my energy healed, she could try to communicate with people in my life who had passed away (I wish them well, but couldn't think of a particular question for anyone specifically), or a general reading where I could ask questions.

I'm not sure when the chills first came. They definitely happened more than once during the call. She was specific, she was accurate, and I'm not going to lie, I might have shed a tear. It was emotional and she hit it straight on.

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I hung up a believer. Who's to say about the power of psychics? I don't feel like I have a lot of unanswered questions in my life, but to hear a little information on the issues that do linger in my head was a comforting feeling. I might not buy a lottery ticket based on it, but this call was almost two weeks ago, and I've definitely thought about it many times since then. Psychic Mari's words will be ringing in my head for a long time.

While Hollywood Psychics generously provided me with a complimentary call, the opinions of the call are all my own. If you want to try out your own psychic call, the phone number is 1-866-866-5949 and new members receive their first three minutes with their first paid call.

What do you think about psychics? Ever had a reading done?

Hollywood Psychics

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