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Resolution Progress

A lot of my tangible New Year's Resolutions haven't been touched, but let's concentrate on the positives. Please share something about your year so far, too!

Back in January our staff wrote "11 Things for 2011" posts, and I related 11 Things I'm Going to Make Pretty and 2011 Health. Now that we're approaching the quarter-year mark, how am I doing?

Well, a lot of my tangible projects haven't been touched, but let's concentrate on the positives.


1. The kitchen desk. One hour of reconfiguring and the purchase of a picture, a lamp and 2 magazine organizers (for holding bills and stray papers) made a world of difference. I moved the microwave down into the non-usable dark space beneath the cabinet and placed cookbooks and the organizers in the spotlight. The dog got new bowls, too.

That's me waving in the middle!

That's me waving in the middle!

2. Exercise. I ran a 3k fun run with a friend last weekend and began P90X this morning. Yes, this morning. The stiffness is just now setting in. I probably won't realize the full extent of my pain until tomorrow's 5am plyometrics workout. As Tony Horton says, "Bring It."

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3. Couple Time. The babysitting exchange with our friends is working out great. My husband and I are going to try a new wine bar this Friday night and I'm going to wear red heels! [maybe . we'll see how the workouts treat me]. We're also doing some of our P90X workouts together which is fun. We can laugh at each other while rolling around like injured bugs on our backs during the ab DVD.

4. Spiritual Growth. The book of John has been put on pause, but I feel really grounded with God right now. February was a tough month for our family, as my grandpa grew sicker and weaker. Before the end, I had five really sweet days with him (excluding the night when he thought I was a Nazi), which is the most consecutive time I've had with him in decades. Then during a drive home from the hospital, I very clearly heard Jesus telling me to let go. Five days later, Grandpa went to Heaven.


5. Life. During those days in the hospital, I had a lot of time to contemplate my Grandpa's life. He taught school while he was still in high school, fought in all 5 major fronts of WWII and drove a tank under Patton's command, married, raised a family on a teacher's salary, put himself through school to earn a Ph.D. and taught at a university. He did so many other things too, and was a mentor to many people. Reading his obituary was like a Who's Who of the Best People, but you know what? He was my Grandpa. He could buy my kids any toy they wanted, but we found a paper bag of bottle caps in his workshop, which he apparently saved to make toy cars for them. He was nice and funny and smart. He seemed to perfect the art of achieving great goals at the same time that he maintained a true inner compass.

The day after my grandpa died, my 83-year-old grandma (yep, his wife) fell down all of her stairs and broke 3 ribs and her clavicle and got a giant lump on her head. She spent 3 weeks in the hospital and is now in a rehab center. I don't know what this means, except that even in the certainty of mourning one person, the focus of our attention quickly shifted fronts and we were forced to move on.

My nails are shorter than they've ever been, my office is still a mess and we're just beginning a plan for planting new spring grass. Life. Lush grass will grow out of the mud.

Please share...the expected and unexpected aspects of your year so far.


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