Remote Control Pocket Pillowcase

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I made an entertainment center curtain awhile back. It still works pretty well. Sometimes he gets interested in what’s behind it, but we tell him no, and sometimes move him away from it and he forgets about it. My next problem is that he is getting taller, and can now reach most of the couch. This means we were always hiding the remote and forgetting where it was.

I found this idea for a remote control pillowcase on Pinterest and decided to make it fit my needs a little bit better by adding a flap and buttons.




Pillow or Stuffing


  1. Measure your pillow (or the pillowcase if it already has one), and cut two squares that size. Cut a piece just over half that size for your pocket. Decide how far down you want your flap to go and cut it out too.
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2.Hem the 3 outer edges of your flap.

3.Hem the top of your pocket.

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4.Sew the dividing lines of your pocket to the front piece of the pillowcase.

5.Pin the pillowcase back and front together with both outsides facing in, with the flap tucked inside as well, so that the top edge lines up with the top of the rest of the pillowcase. Sew all of the edges, leaving a small section open (it should be big enough to stuff the pillow into).

6.Pull the pillowcase right side out, through your opening. Stuff the pillow inside, and hand stitch the opening closed.

7.Hand stitch the buttons where you want them.

8.Sew the button holes into the flap.

Now you get to show off your craftiness every time company wants to know where the remote is! Be careful though, if you lean on the pillow, buttons can be pushed. The only one I seem to have a problem with is the Wii remote.

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