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Rachael's 2012 Recap

Sweet, sweet 2012! We lived to see another year! (Silly Mayans . . .)

Sweet, sweet 2012! We lived to see another year! (Silly Mayans . . .)


1st ballet recital.

There are these moments when you realize just how much your little people are bigger than you and so very separate from you. This was one of those moments. My little 8 year old was poised, brave, graceful and so very much her own person. So very different from me as a child. I cried through an entire song during her performance.

ballet recital

We had "the talk" this year. Twice. Yep, if I told one of them, I'd have to tell the other. Needless to say, we laughed a lot.



Disney launched a new ship (The Disney Fantasy) and we got to be on it! I'm still trying to figure out how to get back on.

Costa Rica

Dear Costa Rica, I love you. I'm coming back, maybe to live forever.

Costa Rica


Holy cats! I got to go to a movie premier in Cannes with HP! They chose to have their "Influencer Advisory Board" meeting in a super lame place this year. France! I wore the fanciest dress I've worn since my wedding, and I even put on heels. I knew I'd trip at some point. That point was on the red carpet walking up the stairs into the theatre. It was awesome.


New York

I was there 4 times . . . maybe even 5 times this year. It's blurring together. We threw a "super fly" party with Southwest Airlines in Bryant Park. You'll see many of us in "go go" boots in these photos. I've gained a new appreciation for that city. Here's my favorite Instagram of the year (taken in August . . . I think . . .) It just looks so -- New Yorky.

Fire House in NYC


Booty SF

You might not realize it fully yet, but you are one hip mama, who is totally down with dance club mash-ups. This site is full of free downloads of the songs you love, all mashed up together. Might I recommend:

Booty SF playlist

The mashup of "You're the One that I Want" with Grease, Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre is the best thing ever. Also, "Always With You" with Willie Nelson vs. U2 vs. MARRS is amazing.

Picture 28

* Warning* You may have a seizure because of the visual quality of the site. The black background and bright text is nothing a responsible mother would expose another human's retinas to. You've been warned.

The Lumineers

I can listen to this album in it's entirety over and over and over again. I love them.

Lumineers Cover Art
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Mumford & Sons

There are no words that really sum this up. Except that they move me to want to play the banjo and the mandolin. For reals. Like in a band.

Mumford and Sons Babel Cover Art

The Killers

You know, Carina, one of our editors, got to go back stage with Mr. Flowers and the gang just last month. I can still barely look her in the eyes. I love them (cough . . . him). I have a "Sabbath Day" playlist full of hymns, classical music, and The Killers. It's as it should be.

Killers Battle Born Cover Art

T.V. (a.k.a NetFlix and Hulu)


There are 121 episodes of Lost on Netflix. We watched every single one of them between mid September - mid December. That's ridiculous. And so is Lost. Ridiculously good. And I'm still deciding what I really think happened. If you haven't watched it yet, 2013 is your year. And you can do as we did, and power through like champions!


Downton Abbey 

This is another series that spurred a marathon of TV watching for my husband and I. It also inspired him to wear an "English Drivers Hat" (I'm sure it has a real name, but that's what I call them) and ban me from using curse words during "Masterpiece Time". We are better people for having watched and are dutifully committed to Season 3.

Downton Abbey


So many great movies this year! The Lorax, Avengers, The Hunger Games, Men in Black 3, the list goes on. But mostly:

Les Miserables

Haven't seen it yet? I got a behind the scenes look at Les Mis this year. Hugh Jackman is just as wonderful in real life. I tried to follow him home, but you know, he has people to protect him from people like me. I'll soon be on round 3 of seeing it in the theatre. I've got at least 5 times in me.

Les Miserables

Oh, and can we get an honorable mention for: (drum roll please)

Edward Breaking Dawn

The funniest movie of the year and climax of a movie series that has truly entertained me over the years. Thanks to our crew and loyal besties who dutifully attended the movie together (and disrespectfully abused the viewing pleasure of all other movie goers with our mockery and laughter). #rpatz #forevs

Breaking Dawn Fans

Hello 2013!

2013, you've got a lot to live up to. I'll tell you what the Mayans had up their sleeve . . . magic! Because 2012 was full of it. But I don't want to hold 2013 to anything. I know life can go off the rails in the blink of an eye, so at the close of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, I have but one resolution: to live without expectation (and a commitment to catching up on all of the other shows that I'm like, 10 years late on.)

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