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Proof that Jesus and Harry Potter Are Homies

I have proof. Sort of.

I have proof that Jesus and Harry Potter are homies. Sort of.


Last night a series of events necessitated that I take a trip to Eastern Kentucky, so around midnight I was winding through some narrow roads going up a dark mountain. I didn't know the roads and was doing that nervous accelerate-brake thing through the curves, which doesn't help a friend who's all sickly in the passenger seat.

Then we came around a bend and two large animals trotted through my headlight beams. I thought they were mules, because I'm kind of obsessed with mules (let's talk another time). It turned out to be wild horses. Their eyes glowed green in my high beams, their coats a warm gray.


I don't like driving at night. Especially not in the boonies of Kentucky, in a cold drizzle, on unfamiliar roads. Deliverance, anyone? I forgot my coat and prayed lots of prayers of protection that we wouldn't get a flat tire and that my friend wouldn't get more sick and that no one would be drunk or fall asleep and hit us.

Then those horses showed up, and it kind of felt like a Patronus Charm. Remember the spirit guardians in Harry Potter? Harry's charm was a stag. Maybe Jesus expecto patronum'd a couple of horses for my friend and me.


Some people say that miracles don't happen anymore, but I think we just don't take the time to see them. I'll take those gray horses, emitting a soft silver in my bright headlights. They disappeared into the brush and I continued on the journey feeling a little like that Carrie Underwood song, "Jesus Take the Wheel." Tires firmly on the road as we zig-zagged through the drizzle, looking for the next dark turn and another place for my friend to be sick on our careful drive home.

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