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Printable Gift Card

Printable Gift Card
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Our Christmas and Valentine’s Day printable gift card templates were so popular that we’d thought it might be a good idea to offer a basic gift card printable (it two fabulous color-schemes) for your creative gift-giving needs.

Perfect for the person who has everything (I’m looking at YOU grandparents of the world), for the person that is a wee bit tough to shop for (I’m looking at YOU person in my home that is so picky about his jeans), or for the little ones that would love to be rewarded for a job well done with a trip to the zoo (I’m looking at YOU daughter of mine).

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Since you can print and gift these willy-nilly, they would make a sweet addition to a lunchbox or briefcase with the promise of a favorite dinner, movie and popcorn date.

Use the card to surprise your BFF with an afternoon of fun on you. Maybe that means lunch and a movie. Maybe it means coffee and a trip to the mall. Maybe it yoga and a visit to the Whole Foods salad bar.

The sky’s the limit, so put on your thinking cap and go have some fun with the people you love.

Download the full-size green/pink version here and the blue version here.

Editable PDF Instructions:

Click on the text in the “To/From” area of the envelope to edit “You/Me” to your desired names. Click the text in the gift field to add your own gift text. Print out on cardstock and follow cut and fold directions.