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Pots de Creme

Last week when my issue of Food Network Magazine arrived, I almost died. It's The Chocolate Issue. In fact, this is what I texted to @Erin:

"Oh my chocolate. Look what just came in the mail."

chocolate issue

Admittedly, this was a thoughtless text to send to a friend who's turning over a new Healthy Living leaf in her life.

She jokingly challenged me to review 50 brownie recipes, but I decided to try Ree Drummond's recipe for Pots de Creme first.

It was surprisingly easy to make. The French name gives it a much fancier flair, I guess. Pots de Creme is a loose French custard ("pot of custard").

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Now I want pots de creme for breakfast and as an afternoon snack and evening dessert. I don't think my system can sustain that kind of chocolate input, but I'll sure try.


Yum. Seriously, YUM.

More chocolate, please...

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