Positive Spin Press

Positive Spin Press exists to offer parents and children a happy, logical, fun explanation of holidays and other events that are meaningful for children, but not very well explained by common culture.

Positive Spin Press, was started by husband and wife team Lisa Sferlazza Johnson and Tucker Johnson, was founded upon two principles: helping children understand the world they live in, and creating a positive way for them to learn about it. Do we really need to explain the Feast of the Dead to our 3 year olds who want to know why they're dressing up? Is that even the real story of Halloween? And why are there two entirely disparate Christmas stories? One featuring Santa, and the other Jesus? The list goes on. We think offering context that makes holidays more meaningful for families can add to the joy of growing up and being a part of humanity.



Believing Is Half the Battle

When people would tell me “believing is half the battle�� I used to roll my eyes. But after weathering some storms in life I now believe that thinking positively can and will change your life.

My Take on “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom”

I was very much looking forward to this new TV show, “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” on TLC. I was happy to see that there was finally going to be a show that addressed what so many moms are going through. What a HUGE disappointment the show was...where do I start?

Lori Hillard_crop

Meeting a Need

Lori searched for a storybook that would help her children to understand her divorce. When she couldn’t find one that offered the right message, she wrote and published her own, Sending Love, My "Different-Functional" Family.