Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Rescue your bored Jedis with this cheap and easy lightsaber craft!

I have two padawans under my roof who are obsessed with Star Wars: Legos, movies, Storm Trooper helmets, Yoda toothbrushes, and anything else their hearts desire. We used to have lightsabers, too. The lightsabers were banned for a while after one, or the other, ended up crying because his brother hurt him. Eventually, they were confiscated so often they were just tossed.

Thanks to Jessica's Coupons, we'll be dueling again in no time! She figured out how to turn pool noodles into lightsabers. Genius!

pool noodle lightsaber

Check out the full (EASY!) instructions for the pool noodle lightsabers from Jessica's Coupons here.

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