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Plum Print: Preserving Artwork

I am a total sucker when it comes to her artwork. And when I say sucker I mean, I can't throw it away. Last week when I picked her up, she proudly led me to the rack where her art was drying. It was a blue piece of construction paper with about a two inch line of glue with about twenty pieces of glitter on it. And BOY was she proud of it. She couldn't wait to show me what she made me. As I said all of the appropriate things about how amazing this sheet of art was, I flipped it over, and the teacher had written the date and this little quote..."I made this for my mama!"

And NOW I can't throw it out. But what to do with all of this paper madness? Plum Print will take your child's artwork and turn it into a gorgeous coffee table book. Click here to see how good your little people's art will look published! I'm going to keep stockpiling until we get through preschool. First edition will be..."The Preschool Years!"

Photo from Plum Print

Photo from Plum Print

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