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Pledge to Love Your Kitchen

I try to love my kitchen . . . 3 different kinds of flooring (including original parkay - I don't even know how to spell that) . . . smoky brown appliances from the 60's . . . bad lighting . . . I try to love it all. But really, I'd love it more if someone just gave me a $15,000 to put a dent in it. Wouldn't you? I thought so.

This holiday season you've got your chance to score big from Pledge and win $15,000 for kitchen improvements. Check out to enter to win and to see some of the other entries. You might not have it as bad as you thought!

If you want to dust, shine or protect the things in your house for the holidays we've got you covered. Enter here to win $40 in Pledge products to put a little shine on.

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