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Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

Who doesn't love Elmo?

Is the Elmo's World theme song rolling through your head? With Mr. Noodle and Dorothy? It rolls through my head about every ten minutes. So when Playskool generously offered to send us a LOL Elmo to review, I said we would loved to and anxiously awaited for a delivery truck to pull up.

I'm not sure who loves him four year old or my 21 month old. This Elmo is rolling. He tells jokes, he laughs, and when Elmo thinks that something is funny, he rolls and shakes with laughter. Along with Elmo comes a stuffed Dorothy in her fish bowl with a little squeaker just to keep him giggling.

My kids can't get enough of this toy. The best part of this Elmo is how soft and cuddly he is...not like some of the other more "robotic" toys that you may see with movement. He's perfect for toting around and giggling anytime and anywhere.

Remember the original Tickle Me Elmo that broke on to the scene in the 90's? Anyone experience the chaos of tracking one down for the holidays? It's only the end of May, but the holidays will be here before you know it. Plan ahead, this guy is going to be a hot seller. Click here to learn more.

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While Playskool did send me this product to review, the opinions are all my own. Love it.

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